There are many Stats used by player in the game. They are divided into Primary, and Secondary Stats.

Primary StatsEdit


Armor is present on most gear in the game, barring Weapons, Necklaces, and most Rings and Trinkets. Armor reduces damage received by players from non-players.


Stamina directly translates into HP, and is of interest to all classes, as the more HP you have, the longer you can survive when under attack. Tanks need to pay special attention to Stamina.


Strength is of interest to Death Knights, Paladins, and Warriors. It directly increases the attack power of attacking with a Melee weapon(s).


Agility is of interest to Feral Druids, Hunters and Enhancement Shamans. It provides attack power and armor penetration.


Intellect directly translates into Mana, and Spell Power, and is of interest to all caster classes, and classes with a healing spec. Mages, Warlocks and Priests primarily use Intellect, as do Balance and Restoration Druids, Elemental and Restoration Shamans, and Holy Paladins.

From Patch 5.0, Intellect will no longer increase the size of the Mana Pool


Spirit is primarily a Healer stat, and is used to increase the Mana regeneration rate, so as to reduce downtime when in Instances. However, Balance Druids, Shadow Priests, and Elemental Shamans can talent for Spirit to also provide them with Hit equivalent to the amount of Spirit. This makes Spirit doubly useful as it will not only increase the rate of Mana regeneration, but will also provide Hit rating.

Secondary StatsEdit

Armor PenetrationEdit

Since Patch 4.0.1, although this is no longer an independent stat on armor, Armor Penetration can still be granted by abilities such as Colossus Smash and Sunder Armor.

Attack PowerEdit

Attack Power is only seen on some older weapons, and won't normally be seen on newer items. It increases the DPS of your Melee Weapons.

Ranged Attack PowerEdit

This only affects Ranged Weapons, and is of interest only to Hunters. Some enchantments provide this.

Critical Strike RatingEdit

This increases the chance that your spells and special abilities have to critically hit your opponent. Critical hits inflict twice the damage, or in the case of healing, heal for double the amount.

Dodge RatingEdit

This increases your chance to dodge attacks. A dodge is where you avoid the enemy hitting you. Some attacks are undodgeable. Dodge is of particular interest to Druids, as it is their only avoidance stat.

Expertise RatingEdit

Expertise rating affects the chance that your Melee weapon auto attacks have to be dodged or parried by an opponent. Experise had two caps, a soft cap, and a hard cap. A player who has reached Soft Cap will attack without the monster or boss being unable to dodge it. However, to prevent your opponent from every Parrying your attacks, you need to reach the Hard Cap.

Haste RatingEdit

Haste rating affects a variety of things for different players. It decreases the time between Melee weapon auto strikes, it lowers the cast time of spells (Until you reach 1 sec), and it increases the regeneration rate of Runes, Energy and Focus.

Hit RatingEdit

Hit rating affects the chance that your special attacks and abilities will miss their target. The cap for melee is 8%, after which, every attack you make will hit the opponent. The spell hit cap for casters is 17%.

Mastery RatingEdit

Mastery rating can only be taken advantage of by characters Level 80 or higher, and grants individual power enhancement based on the class and spec of the player. See List of Mastery Abilities for more details.

Parry RatingEdit

Parry rating affects your chance to parry an opponent's attack. A parry is where you block your opponent's attack, and then make an immediate counter-attack, independent of your own attacks. Parry is of particular interest to Warriors.

Resilience RatingEdit

Resilience rating is only of use in PvP, where it reduces the damage a player takes when hit by another player's attack, spell or ability. It has no use whatsoever in PvE, and provides no benefit.

From Patch 5.0, Resilience will be granted to players as a base stat, that increases with level. Gear will still grant Resilience, but the gulf between established PvP players and new players will be smaller.

Spell PowerEdit

Only normally seen on weapons, Spell Power increases the damage or healing of spells.

Removed StatsEdit

Defense RatingEdit

Prior to Patch 4.0.1, this reduced the player's chance to be critically hit by bosses. At Level 80, the cap was 540, and was mandatory for Tanks in Raids. Since its removal, all Tank specs are now immune to critical hits from enemies less than 4 levels above them.